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03-27-2010, 04:33 PM
A calculator that takes into account your screen resolution and desired angle of view (horizontally) to give you the BFBC2 required 'Vertical' FOV used.

"Unfortunately, changing your FOV is not a straightforward option setting in the game. To change you FOV you will have to...
Navigate to > your My Documents folder > BFBC2 folder > and edit the "Settings.ini" file using NotePad (launch NotePad (Start>Accessories>NotePad)) and open 'Settings', change from FOV from 55 to say 70. Save and close. Reopen 'Settings' to see if the new FOV has been saved.

You should see a default setting for the FOV, which would read "FOV = 55". Make sure the game isn't running when you change this setting.

I changed mine to 65 which seems like more of a natural PC FOV, but you're free to change it to *almost* whatever you like (there is a limit to prevent cheating in Multiplayer). "
Source: zerk16 from stickied topic at www.battlefield.com (http://www.battlefield.com)



Can't find the FOV line?

to the guys who can't see the FOV line in the settings.ini. Just remove the entire folder and start the game. This will make a renewed one. However you will need to redo your settings as well, but whatever. This is what I did anyway and now it works great.

A buddy told me it might be because of some beta settings or whatnot. So remove the BETA folder too if you haven't.

Delete the \My Documents\BFBC2 folder. Then start the game. A new folder will be created. Exit the game. You should now see your FOV values.

set between 70-80 seems to most people as perfect. Default is 55.

Reduced Frame Rates with higher FOV

just remember that this reduces your fps (frames per second) so if ur on the low end of system req's its a huge hit. on my lap top i went from 45 fps (fov55) to 25-30 and less when i am in explosions with (fov85)

Punkbuster (PB Issues?)

PB does not kick you for modifying your Settings.ini file. DO NOT modify your GameSettings.ini file and everything should be fine. If you get kicked via PB, it's not b/c u edited the Settings.ini file.


This tool is meant for players to be able to modify settings that are not changeable from the In-Game settings menu. These are normally found in the settings.ini file in your MyDocuments\BFBC2.

What this application does is load all your settings in and allows you to change them all, save them directly back to the settings.ini file then directly launch your game.


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