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03-23-2010, 11:40 AM
If you add your comments, list first what you like and then what you think needs improving.

The Good:
First off, this game is really fun to play, no doubt, and that alone makes any issues seem very insignificant. I love the team aspect to the game modes, the destructible battlefields, the chaotic feel to battle. There are certainly a few quarks that make it a different experience than the Call of Duty series games but because everyone is dealing with the same issues it's still a fair game to play. Overall I'd say worth the buy. In fact HackHunters may try to purchase extra copies and have a give away to show our support for this title.

The Bad:
Server Browser:
PunkBuster checkbox. For some reason if you put an 'X' in the PunkBuster box that means you will see servers that don't stream PB. It's backwards. I for one only want PB enabled servers... not both PB and non-PB. This entire checkbox system I think should have a 'green check' for 'yes', and a 'red X' for 'no' so everyone will know exactly what they're getting. For all the options I'm still not sure what I should check or not check. This confusion is reinforced by some of the choices that say 'not full'. Do you put 'X' meaning 'no, not full' which is a double negative meaning 'yes i want to see full servers'.

No Lean or laying down:
What, no leaning around corners? It seems to be a feature that's been around for a very long time and how it's not integrated into this game leaves me wondering why. And no laying on the ground in prone. Well I can only think of two reasons for this: 1, that they want the controls to be extremely simple (they are, there are only a few keys to learn) and 2, that they want you to get killed in order to keep the pace of the game exciting. Still, i like to go prone when reloading... why do i want to have my head shot off with nothing I can do about it while reloading. And, I want to make the choice of how I play. I think these are fundamental movement commands that should be part of every fps game, imo.

The TIP of the day:
Server Browser List: You don't have to do a 'full refresh' of the server browser each time to log on. Just click on the 'ping' button or any other in the title bar and it will show the results for the last time you played (I think, but maybe not if you've shut down your computer).

Also, you don't have to wait until the 'full refresh' is finished to see results. You can click 'cancel' and what was loaded will show, saving you time and allowing you to get into a game faster.

Viewing Score Board when dead:
Press ESC when dead to see everyone's score and if the teams are balanced.

Things that aren't obvious until you've played for a bit:

Medic: at first you can just toss down a medic kit (press 3 default to select and fire to toss on ground), what you do is stand over it to regenerate yourself (i think) or toss it on the ground for your team mates. Apparently there's no way for you to know your own health... only team members can see the bar under your name tag that indicates your health or your vehicles health. You get the paddles to revive someone later when you have enough experience points (xp). With the paddles you can revive dead comrades or kill enemies.

Selecting your soldier type: When you are dead, you can select who you want to be and where you want to spawn. If your team member is in a tank, become an engineer and use the tool to keep the tank at full health. Just click the tank to spawn into the tank, if room is available. A

Selecting your weapons: This one isn't obvious either. You can actually change your weapons. When you are dead you will see the weapons displayed on the right next to the 'soldier types'. Click on the weapons top bar to open it up. Then choose your primary, secondary weapons and tools you'd like to have. The more xp you gain the more choices you'll have. This game really needs to have a tutorial for this stuff, or redo the graphics so it's more obvious that you can click something.

more to come, please add your 'The Good' and 'The Bad' for this game.

03-28-2010, 07:12 PM
List of known issues:

- EA disconnects: Work ongoing in this area. Largely down to bandwidth, mostly fixed. This is different to being disconnected from a game server.

- CTD’s: There were several CTDs reported. We have already addressed some in patches for CTDs when loading MP maps. Work on CTDs will continue. When reporting a CTD please don’t just say “my PC crashed to desktop”. We need to know what you were doing in game when this occurred in order to be able to research the problem.

- Punkbuster: Server update solved the punkbuster issue. Hacks/Cheats bans on going

- Unable to login problems: As with EA Disconnects above

- Autobalance: This is an ongoing area we are researching. We realize the frustration this causes. A re-write is underway to address Autobalance and joining friends which leads to team balance issues.

- Server Browser is slow: We are addressing this with each patch update. Sort by PING should now work. Clicking cancel should return 100 servers within 5 seconds. We are looking to introduce a list by region (Europe, North America Asia) – not confirmed as feasible yet.

- Ability to take a screenshot: not currently supported

- Scoreboard text overlaps: Fixed

- Scoreboard does not always display ping on certain game types (Squad Deathmatch): Being researched. Data actually shows round trip latency for a packet.

- Switching teams when you are dead, often makes you respawn in enemy territory on Rush Mode: Being researched.

- Server info when loading tends to wander off designated text area when the message is too long:Known issue on the list, minor at present.

- Server browser filter does not always filter correctly: As above, we are working on several issues in this area.

- When joining servers, server browser will often say “Please Wait”: Should be Fixed to display Server Full or Password required message. Please feedback.

- Ping in-game differs from real ping (usually 50-100ms difference): This is due to round-trip latency for an in game packet.

- Not always able to chat at the end of a round: Being researched. Does not affect all users.

- Points gained after death are not awarded at all: Design issue, see other threads.

- After a round, sometimes the win or lose screen does not execute: Fix underway.

- Various friend’s list issues: Fixes underway.

- GUI issues while playing HardCore mode: Being researched.

- Vsync option is not working for certain users: Being researched.

- Sound settings (hi-fi, wartapes, etc.) reset upon exit of game: Fix underway.

- MG36 scope has no red dot in hardcore mode: Being researched.

- Vehicle optics zoom in sometimes doesn’t work or gets stuck in zoomed in mode: Being researched.

- Possible to get stuck half way trying to jump through certain windows, have to die or suicide to get out:Being researched (unlikely fix).

- Certain vehicle weapons fire inconsistently (heli and APC cannon), sometimes firing bursts other time firing just 1 shot: Being researched.

- Users with ATI cards are experiencing longer-than-normal load times: Known issue.

- Users with ATI cards in Crossfire have reported texture flashing/glitching: Being researched.

- Helicopters still rubberband when hit by AA: Being researched (potential latency between server and client)

- Dead white pixel in the bottom right-hand corner: Yep… issue with empty HUD and minor for the large part.

- Dead pixels on letterbox bars in singleplayer: Being researched.

- Scrollwheel becomes “inverted” while trying to change weapon when sprinting: Known issue, potential fix soon.

- Iron sights/Gun models should scale with FOV: Being researched (model redesign is difficult at this stage)

- After a round, many times the “Unlock Progression” page will not show your next upgrades for any class: Server data issue. The progression stats are hosted on a different server to the main game and fail safes kick in when high traffic from stats websites occur and people are playing.

- “Awards Collected” descriptions on the Stats page point to dates that are before the BC2 release date: Being researched.

- 4x ACOG scope & Red Dot Sight disappear on Assault kit when using 40mm grenade launcher: Being researched (model redesign is difficult at this stage)

- The “Play Now” button occasionally tries to connect to password-enabled servers: To be adjusted in future update. Should look for non-password, non HC, non Full, non empty, low ping. On going.

- Alt + Tab (Minimize to desktop) does not work. Only works when you have other windows open and can switch to them: Being researched. Low priority at present.

- M1 Garand does not appear in-game for Battlefield Veterans after entering code: Fixed, please feedback.

- Knife is glitched: Design issue plus latency.
- Spotting doesn’t function properly many of the times: Being researched. Potential issue with cool down timer.

- Some unlocks don’t unlock at the required levels/experience: Believed to be largely fixed. Please research.

- Joystick issues: Being researched.

- Textures flicker on many maps, including misplaced ships and buildings: Some work done in this area, potential driver issues remaining.

- The built-in VOIP does not work: Intermittent, being researched.

- The UAV station, when operating UAV, has a graphical positional problem, making the UAV station appear to be “floating” and not stationary: Yes, low priority.

- Pings aren’t showing up in the Steam version: Believe fixed, feedback please.

- Game is not actually shutting down after Exiting the game in the Steam version: Being researched.

- The unlock progression of a specific item does not show up if you have used it after picking up someone else’s kit: Design issue

- Malfunctioning C4 (does not always detonate):Being researched.

- Fix the M14 description or the amount of ammo in the clip (description says 20 rounds in a clip, but it’s only 10): On the list, not super urgent (but its poor polish, yes).

- Floor texture glitching after explosion: Terrain deformation, probably wont fix.

- FOV keeps resetting to 55 in singleplayer every time a cut scene plays: Known issue, being researched.

- Dog Tags collection screen has UI bug for numbers over 3 digits: Yep, minor and may not address.

- The wartapes sound option makes louder sounds like gunfire and bomb explosions very static-like: Being researched.

- Smoke GL malfunctions. Either does not detonate or does not show as detonated on users screen: Being researched, potential config issue.

- Flight sticks don’t function fully with this game: Being researched.

- Bullets passing through walls only leave holes on 1 side: Yes… J

- Shotgun crosshairs still appear despite the server crosshair option turned off: Being researched.

- Quadbike horn can´t be heard by other players: Being researched. Expected to be a combination of factors affecting this making a fix difficult.

- Sending friend invites is very inconsistent: Fix underway.

- When spawning on a quadbike, you are able to view 360° instead of 180°: Whilst an issue, unlikely to be addressed.

- Bugged reload animation for the Neostad 2000: Being researched (model redesign is difficult at this stage)

- No squad repair points if a squadmember stays on the second /gunner seat: Believe fixed, please feedback.

- No squad text chat in vehicles: Agreed, fix planned.

- Can’t spawn on a squad member in the water: Intentional, should occur when you can’t use weapons in the water.

- Isla Innocentes-specific building glitch for MCOM’s. Destroying fence next to building, levels the building, effectively destroying the MCOM in the process: Oops. We will work on a fix for this.

- “Most Scored By” Section shows more kills on a weapon than the cumulative kills for that round: Being researched.

- MG shield will sometimes block your view, instead of enabling you to see through it: DX9 specific, fix planned.

- 4x ACOG scope for different weapons “float” 1-2 inches in front of scope’s model: Being researched (model redesign is difficult at this stage)

- GOL Magnum Sniper with 4x ACOG Scope & Red Dot Sight has graphical errors: This was a driver issue we believe to be fixed. Feedback please.

- Award Scores at the end of a match are bugged: Being researched.

- “Floating window” after destroying wall. Also, there are textures still visible from the grenade explosion on the wall: Unlikely to be fixed.

-Shadows are very pixelated. Max AA/AF & all HIGH settings won’t help smooth out the jagged shadow edges: Unlikely to be fixed. Possible configuration issue.

- Awards (medals) are bugged when being awarded: Being researched.

- MEDK R+ and MEDK H+ descriptions are swapped: Being researched. Low priority at present.

source: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-bad-company-2-pc/978641-reported-issues-noted-dice.html

04-30-2010, 01:55 PM
Just had to say with the latest update that the server browser is working great.

Finally the servers show up quickly when refreshed, the check marks vs. X's all make sense (as do the names-no double negatives), you can easily save a favorite, the history works... all in all the game lobby went from a near failure to A++.

thanks much DICE/EA for the effort and for listening to us gamers.