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03-18-2010, 03:01 PM
Gamers looking to kick the tires on Electronic Arts' massively multiplayer online racing game Need for Speed: World are about to get their chance. Electronic Arts today announced a new round of closed beta testing for the game, inviting would-be players to sign up for a testing slot at the game's official Web site.

Need for Speed is racing to a PC near you.

While the game will let players compete online in standard Need for Speed drag, drift, and checkpoint races, it also adds a few tweaks to the series' formula. For example, a new power-up system will give players access to a number of new abilities, from turbo boosts to a "traffic magnet" that draws racers into a tight pack. There's even a power-up to add a lap to a race so lagging players have some extra time to catch up. The other big addition to the series is a stat-progression feature that lets players level up their cars as well as their drivers.


03-18-2010, 03:06 PM
We are extremely excited to announce the second, of many, closed beta for Need for Speed World. The second beta will begin on Friday, March 19th @ 4pm (GMT) and will end Monday, March 22nd @ 7am (GMT). The second closed beta will feature almost twice the number of racers as the first had so there will be plenty of competition this time around!

We are also very happy to announce that if you were selected to participate in the first closed beta ("CB1"), you will be invited to participate in the second closed beta ("CB2"). Be sure to watch your email for the beta invitation. After CB1, we received a lot of great feedback from all the CB1 participants and have made some changes for CB2…

Before we get into the changes, we want to set some expectations for CB2; similar to CB1, these initial rounds are intentionally constrained in terms of features, level progression and content. We are testing and so we need to keep the variables under control to ensure quality data. As the beta program progresses you’ll see more content, ways to play and places to see. Please note that between betas we do clear all the data on the server (including profiles & game play data) therefore you will have to create a new driver and start the game at level one like you did in CB1.

Here is a summary of the changes this week: We’ve made some changes to the leveling pace, Lucky Draw tables (much fewer One More Laps!) and event unlocking. We’d like to see more 8 player races, so we’ve tweaked matchmaking and the number of events that unlock at each level. We’ve also fixed some crash and time out bugs and provided a way for you to send us crash logs if you run into anything new. For more details on the changes, see the Need for Speed World forum. Please give it all a try and keep letting us know what you think and logging those bugs!

We're looking to all the beta participants to give us their feedback and help us make this game great! There are many different ways of giving us your feedback including:

[1] Submitting a bug through World.NeedforSpeed.com by selecting the 'Report a Bug' button and completing the form. Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to report a bug. Also note that you will be able to include crash logs when reporting bugs. We encourage everyone to do this because the more information you can provide us, the quicker we'll be able to fix these bugs.

[2] Submitting feedback through World.NeedforSpeed.com by selecting the 'Submit Feedback' button and completing the form. Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to submit feedback.

Also be sure to check out the Need for Speed World Forums to see if the bug you're reporting is already known to the World team. You can also find help there if you're experiencing a bug that's preventing you from being able to play.

Please take some time to give us your feedback either during or after the beta. This is your chance to make this game great!

As you guys know, John Doyle and the rest of the Need for Speed World team like to celebrate and this is an occasion worth celebrating. Therefore, we've got eight new screen shots to share with you all. Check them