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03-06-2010, 02:35 PM
First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Moreno. I am going to try writing my own review on my own perspective and what I think about AA3 so far.

As many may know, AA3 has been released since June 17, 2010. At first, their was many bugs, crashes, glitches, and more. But since than, a few patches were released. Most of these have been fixed but some still exist.

So let’s talk about how players are rewarded throughout the game. Players are rewarded throughout the game by working together in teams, securing objectives, confirming enemy kills and healing wounded soldiers. Rewards include advancement through the Honor system, medals, badges and coins.

But in order to play and unlock grenades, flashes, guns, etc. You will need to do the Basic training. Basically, if you do not finish all training exercises you will not be granted access to some very useful weapons. It’s helpful to actually pay attention to the lifesaving class, because it tells you how to med another injured or downed player in the game. You can also do advanced trainings to add some medals and badges to your personal jacket. Also like I was saying earlier, in order to do these, you need advance training points which you can get from playing online. Some of these training missions still have bugs such as you cannot achieve Expert no matter your score. I tried a few times to get the expert bade for the DMR with a score of 42/42 and 100% accuracy. And you can only get proficient.

So far there is five different maps: Bridge, Ranch, Alley, Impact and Pipeline. But there is a variety for each map such as a clear sky, night, day, fog, cloudy, etc. Also many different game types as VIP, Assault, Objectives, extraction, secure and defend, etc. There is also a new map soon to be released, it is currently in beta. But it is called Shantytown. No screenshots have been released but there is a description of it:

Ta Koveta Czerven
Soon the hate speech flared into violence. In Obranavec, a shop owner was robbed while walking home near a shantytown. According to witnesses, when the shop owner fought back, the robber stabbed him, and then fled into a nearby shanty town. Local media broadcast the crime scene across the nation and showed the handful of coins the shop owner was murdered over lying in his own blood.

Word of the murder spread and Stojespal took to the airways saying, "These parasitic indetrejan are responsible for most of the nation's crime. The crime committed tonight only stands as an example of the threat to our society. The government is unable to deal with this infection. If that is the case, then it is time that we dealt with them ourselves. These invaders must be driven from our nation by any means necessary."

That night, anti-refugee protests flared into riots and violence against refugees across the RDO. The government moved quickly to put down the rioters, but by night's end 14 were dead and over 400 people were injured. The next morning, local authorities caught the murder suspect. He was not a refugee, but a native who fled into the shantytown to avoid capture. The public reaction to the violence was utter shock and the result of the government investigation sparked a national debate which soothed tensions in the nation. Stojespal responded, "I find it unimaginable that one of our own could commit such a vicious crime. It is clear the government is controlled by the indetrejan, and the RDO is the center of indetrejan power. Never forget the image of those coins covered

You can be promoted from private to sergeant major in rank, but in order to be promoted. You need to gain honor which currently the honor level consist of 1-100. I am currently honor level 24. Honor is achieved through what the Army considers to be core values of a soldier: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Integrity and Personal Courage. The average score of these core values comprise your Honor rating. In order to increase each value, you must perform certain duties during your missions including assisting teammates in securing objectives (Loyalty), providing medical assistance to your teammates (Selfless Services) and eliminating enemy soldiers (Personal Courage). But do not friendly fire or shoot an injured/downed enemy. It will count as a ROE, which will negatively effect your honor.

So far the secondary MOS in the game, is not yet unlocked. Hopefully soon it will be. Because I want to pistol whip someone.

Your best bet to win in this game is Teamwork. It is the key to success. AA3 isn’t a run and gun game, every movement, every noise will be the difference of staying alive. You also want to conserve your ammo because it sucks when you get shot trying to reload.

So pretty much this game is great for realistic or strategic gamers. Anyways that is my experience so far. Sorry it some of it doesn’t make sense.


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Some screen shots I thought I should add:


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Thanks Moreno! I really like the perspective you bring to the game, it gives me a good sense of where the game is and how well it has been supported by the makers. I remember there were rumors that it wouldn't get much support but that does not seem to be the case.