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06-07-2008, 07:44 PM
What should you know as a parent?

We think and know that first person shooter games are fun and exciting. One could equate them with being 'in a movie' instead of just watching one. As a parent we recommend that you follow the age guidelines as posted on the game, just as you wouldn't let your child go to an movie rated above their age level.

Do you want your child or young adult growing up thinking they can cheat their way through life?
We don't think that this is a good way to start one's adult life. Most servers are run by honest people who look out for the younger players and will even ban* people who are abusive, threatening to children or are cheating. At the same time, if your child is caught cheating they will be banned, causing aggravation, embarrassment, and the probability that they will have to repurchase the game or other tools to allow them to play again. Do you want your child to be put in this position due to their lack of judgement? We've witnessed many cases where the parent will come onto a forum and plead to allow their child to return because they were playing on a good server that was looking out for their child. Don't find yourself in this position.

Does my child have access to cheat tools?
They may. There are many websites that offer cheats. They lure children in with promises that they won't be discovered, and when they are, they are offered other solutions, and it goes on. The worst part is your child is building their confidence on false accomplishments. Another concern is that your child is disclosing private information (name, address, credit card info) to someone who is a cheat themselves. Would you really trust someone like this if you met them in real life?

What can I do as a parent to prevent my child from getting mixed up in the web of cheating.

First, talk with them. Let them know that it is okay to not do so well and by doing so, taking their bruises, they will gain respect from other players.
Second, show them our Strategies (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?board=8.0) so they use their mind to improve their skill. By doing so, they will build real confidence with their real accomplishments.
Third, support Admin Request (http://www.adminrequest.com/) who's founder, !AR! BlackHawk, is developing a browser tool that acts as a Parental Blocker to cheat websites. This way your child will not have access to these types of web sites, allowing you to rest comfortably that we in the community are in fact protecting your child's interests in a better future.

HackHunters fully supports Admin Request (http://www.adminrequest.com/)'s idea of developing a browser plugin that helps parents block cheat websites.

We encourage anyone who is interested in this idea to contact Admin Request (http://www.adminrequest.com/).


*ban is to forceable removal someone from a server (they are immediately disconnected and can not returen) and potentially put the offenders name on a universal ban list which potentially bans the person from playing on servers which 'stream' the ban list information (the good honest family type servers).

06-07-2008, 08:05 PM
We will consider giving any parent who contacts HackHunters a list of cheat website url's to add to their parental controls within their browser. The list itself can be gathered by anyone who does their research and is unfortunately pretty accessible as these types of sites advertise.

At the same time, we have to know that we are actually speaking with a concerned parent and not a child who may just want the list for their own misguided purposes.


Open System Preferences.
Go down to SYSTEM and click on PARENTAL CONTROLS;
Click on LOCK (bottom left) and open;
Click on which partition (left column)
Click on CONTENT (top)
Click on CUSTOMIZE..;
Add to the NEVER ALLOW THESE SITES... the list we give you. Click Okay and Lock.

This will give you great protection as it is not embedded within Safari itself.

09-28-2008, 02:01 PM

Everyone wants to make friends, this is a fact, but real friends are those you can actually 'see' with your own eyes. Over time you might be able to make acquaintances online, but these are not true friends... your friends are those you know in your own neighborhood, from your school or community.


NEVER post your EMAIL ADDRESS publically, like in your profile.
NEVER post your AGE anywhere, including as part of your name, like sally93 or sally2011 or sally12.
NEVER post your REAL NAME anywhere even if it asks for your real name.
NEVER say what CITY you live in.

These rules apply to everyone, everywhere, including XFire or other sites. Check all profiles you have.

Don't make too many small posts real fast, this tells everyone that you are young. Check your spelling and punctuation... older people know how to write correctly while it can make someone younger stand out if their messages aren't put together properly.

Remember, you don't know who you are talking to online... there is no way to know. Even if someone's name sounds young, or their profile says they're 13, they might be lying. We've had a few applications where we discover someone posting several different ages on different websites... we don't accept these people, but you have to protect yourself by following the simple rules above. Another example is someone who actually used a voice changer to make their voice sound young (YouTube video). Us older folk follow these rules out of habit and experience, it's a part of what everyone needs to do to protect themselves.

If something doesn't feel right, you're brain is telling you something. Follow these simple rules, then, put it behind you and go have fun!

There's quite a debate I've started over at XFire as they actually ask for your real name and many younger ppl happily supply it to be a part of XFire community. Hopefully the discussion will raise people's awareness of the issue.