View Full Version : Are you a new parent? Welcome to the ride of your life...

02-23-2010, 01:57 PM
;D ;D ;D

Okay, so you're a new parent, or like me a parent who has already seen a bit of what it's about. Share your info, thoughts, tips. As a new parent or for that matter, new to age 3, new to age 4, etc., you'll find that every year brings about new challenges. As I said, 'welcome to the ride of your life...'

Well I alluded to the first tip, be prepared to adapt to each phase of your childs life. Remember, they are always driving towards feeling like a grown-up, or at least the year older than what they can do now. That's right, as your child reaches 3 and is proud of that fact, they are looking at the 4 year olds wishing they could do that stuff. Being a good parent in my mind has to do with helping them achieve their goals, if you can recognize what they are, and doing so without putting them in harm as they will remember for the rest of their life if you let them down. So it's kind of a job that provides little in the way of appreciation (something us guys love to get) yet the truth is it's a job that you wouldn't want to miss for one moment, except when you fall over from exhaustion. ;D

Have fun with this new board and share your stories and triumphs.