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02-07-2010, 12:18 PM
No Multiplayer in Demo?
When first launching ArmA2 I wanted to try out the Multiplayer but to my surprise there were no servers available, or they had the 'orange dot' which indicated they needed a password.

I could make my own server from my PC but figured that really wouldn't work. I gave up and was left with only the single player experience which if you've tried it you know the trainer missions are buggy (not enough effort given to this aspect as BI (Bohemian Interactive) focused on their core gamers and obviously they wouldn't need training).

Try Again
Anyway, a couple of weeks later I decided to try again. Still no servers, so I went ahead and launched my own just so I could see the maps. I decided to set up my server with the following three things, which I think helped me get into a real server:

Set up own Server
First, I set it to a maximum of 4 people to limit what my connection/computer would have to handle.
Second, I named the 'server' HackHunters Multiplayer Demo Test-noob, so people would know exactly where i was coming from.
Third, I did this on the weekend (Friday & Saturday) when more players are around.

Game with other humans
When I did this I had a couple of people come into and join the game. Watching me in spec they could totally see that I was new. They asked if they could join the next round (you have to wait until a round is over... when killed you respwn into one of your AI squad mates). When they did they gave me a few very good tips... ;)

Getting invited to a private server
Seeing that I could handle myself in a cooperative way they they invited me to their server with a custom map ;) ;)

Why it is too cool
I have to say the multiplayer experience in ArmA2 is waaaaay better than any other gaming experience I've had. First, you really do play with a team so strategy is an important part, and because you are part of a team your mates are going to help you and visa versa to 1) stay alive and 2) accomplish the mission.

So if you try ArmA2 Demo, give it a real chance. Go through the single player, which is really a fundamental training on how to command squads, drive vehicles, set waypoints, etc. so that when you enter the multiplayer realm you will be able to contribute to the success of the team. I know the single player is 'dry' but it's a fundamental learning experience. I saw no bugs in multiplayer. The AI, those you fight against, act in a rational manner and will seek to defeat you. From what I understand you can also play against other players in different game types.

Another cool thing, when you launch a server you can set the time of day, so you can easily set up a night battle and watch those tracers fly.

ArmA2 is worth trying. Toughen out the Single Player and learn as much about commands as you can as well as all the other things you need to function, then go to multiplayer knowing that you're going to be part of a team. Listen to the squad leader and learn your 'number'. Never friendly fire or act like an idiot as it is not tolerated. Use '/' to type a question if you have it, or 'caps lock' to voice a question. When you type you will see your number, 1 being the squad leader, 2, 3, etc.

In Arma2, you do get to fly jets, attack helicopters and a variety of vehicles that are modeled inside and out... it is cool.

oh, and the demo... it's free so you've got nothing to lose.

02-09-2010, 08:37 PM
Nice post ;)

02-09-2010, 09:06 PM

I've been launching my own 'pc' server some evenings around 11 PM to midnight... whenever I get a chance so it'll be hit or miss. But if you see a server listed as HackHunters, be sure to join. :)

I was surprised that with up to 8 people there was no real lag from my machine.

If you do launch a test server, i think you ban people by pointing at them and pressing P. You may need this for anyone who's willing to spoil the real fun of the game.