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01-29-2010, 12:50 AM
The best anti-hacker program is people themselves. Care to let me enlighten you? Although an anti hack program such as PunkBuster can catch the vast majority of hackers that use outdated or public hack programs there is always the hackers that use underground, private, or self made.

I have caught over 50 hackers that PunkBuster "including the use of pb_sv_getss" and other anti-hack programs could not catch. How you do this is play the game that the hackers do. I am not telling everyone to go get hacks and woohoo you are set, just pretend you do.

This is what you can do:

Do some research on hack programs or gain knowledge on hacks.

Pretend you hack and need a new aimbot or wallhack because yours is outdated. ( using actual hack program names helps )

Ask if anyone has one they can share or tell you the "name" of so you can go buy or download it.

Offer payment for their hack even if it is a free one.

Ask them if they are currently using that hack, then once confirmed you can place a ban. Screenshots of a console log with them admitting to hacking help for proof. People who say they were "joking around" and appeal the ban you can decide what to do with.

Write down everything you learn from your bust including hack program names and make sure you get proof that they admitted to hacking.

Make sure most or all of your comments are indirect, because if youtry something like "Hey Jimmy which aimbot do you have?" then people get scared off. Just say most thing generally for example "Wow this wallhacks sucks, anyone know where I can get a better one? Hackerbot Pro 9000 is so old and glitchy." If they don't respond immediately then try a couple more times. Only resort to direct approaches if you have to.

This is not a "for sure" method, but has worked for me many times.

Just remember, the best thing to catch hackers is yourself!

01-31-2010, 09:22 PM

That's why there is HackHunters. Part of our philosophy is if every gamer is part of the Anti Cheat effort, there won't be a single moment when cheaters will be tolerated.

Our goals:
Get people educated about how to spot a cheater and report them properly.
Get people familiar with implementing other Anti Cheat measures to protect their servers automatically as much as possible.
Get those who might cheat to quickly realize it's a bad move.
Get people to stop playing on servers that they know an obvious cheater is playing on, like when you can see they have an AimBot or it's obvious with a KillCam that they have a wall hack.

09-21-2010, 05:09 PM
The problem with this is that having people admit to hacking is a double edged sword. Im an admin at A2Gaming and we commonly see people letting their friends play for some time. The friend might try to make it a joke and they will get the real person banned. Some places have a similar ruling on it to.

The true way to figure out if they are really hacking takes time. It didnt happen over night. I actually watch hours of youtube videos and such demos of cheats to see how they act.

Every hack has a down fall. For instance, a Humanized Aimbot aka Stealth Bot, it can get caught up on one person that is far away or they they start making some shots that a normal player cant make. They are pretty close to a normal human but they have some major downfalls.

I also wouldnt trust PB Screen Shots even if my life depended on it. Most computers have updated hardware or they are out of date in a large way. Due to the way that PB gets the screenshot, it almost always fails. I had screenshots on for alittle bit on the A2G COD5 server a long time ago. I got 1 screenshot that actually showed the game. The otehrs were all blank.

09-22-2010, 07:00 AM
While your method has merit and pure intentions, I myself would never admit to wanting a cheat from anyone.

Fact is there will always be cheaters in any online game no matter how hard you try. Dont get me wrong, I havent gone soft on the nooblets who cannot play the games as they were intended. Just remember every cheater will have their day in court. They all get caught eventually.

Simple truth is, as the cheat becomes detected, they get put on a black list. After quite a few of them get on this list they throw down the ban hammer. This gets many of them at one time. If they banned every time one was detected, they simply need to move the hook and the cheat goes underground again. The best method is learing a bg check and even this is not fool proof.

I have also met and played with people who have hardware advantages. A good friend of mine plays on an I7 running dual 295's His resolution is so high and his sound card is so tweaked he can hear you across the map. Now given his machine and his connection, if we engage each other, his high tech mouse and blazing computer if we both hit fire at the EXACT time, I will die simply cause his machine transmitted the information to the host faster than mine can.

This concerns me with people watching gameplay and accusing people of cheating just because they die and the other player has great rounds.

Best advice I can give is , if there is a definite known cheater or cheaters in a server, play for a bit. While your fragrate might suffer, at least you really get the idea of what it is like.

Just my 2c


10-07-2010, 04:14 PM
there is a xfire video of me hacking. this admin dude decides to tape my game. he puts wallhack on and says it is me hacking... simply genious. the only cool thing is i saw how cool i was while playing. i am like a hacker, but completely clean. when i play the Bog map, i know the spawn system and i allways random fire at spawn location trough the wall or the metal fance, ppl say i hack.

admins can be wrong. there comes a player with mad 5|<1llz. like me. and than they suffer for being betther, way betther. i reacted instantly and had that someone meet me at a gameroom and we playd 1v1 on a free for all setup witch i won 30/1. he deleted the video and gave me 500dinars(around 5 dolars). if it wasnt mine server i would have got banned, like i did many times.

when someone calls me a hacker i ask for 1v1. once i went to a neighbouring state of Macedonia to play 1v1 couse someone sayd i hack.
i am realy extreme on this metther. when someone calls me a hacker on my server i ban him for 15 minutes and write L2P(learn2play) in banreason.

10-08-2010, 03:11 PM
As sneaky says any long term admin knows what to look for & should never just kick on a first meating of a player unless damn obvious that is in games like cod you should do a demo very easy to do drop console ant type /record (demo name here).
so its easy & then as said above most cheats give their selves away E.G: wall hackers cant help but follow players through walls no matter how hard they try not to its human nature.

But I will always be a staunch advocate of Anti Cheat Orgs & Streaming of server logs.

To tired to go all long-winded but all good players get Haccused these days it's a sad fact that you can thank the real cheats for yet again.