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01-09-2010, 08:20 PM
Here's an idea that has a cutting edge of making cheaters realize that what they're doing is wrong, if they didn't realize it already...

It could be set up as a link on the Home Page where cheaters can ask for counseling, but really it's to make them realize that they have a problem.

Cheaters Anonymous
for those who cheat on multiplayer games

Have you found yourself in the cycle of lying, stealing and cheating, which you know is wrong because you go to all lengths to hide it?

Are you tired from knowing that you are abusing other trusting and innocent people?

Do you wish to get out of the rat maze of twisted lies you spin in order to keep your little secret hidden?

We offer free counseling to those who are ready to stand on their own two feet and face life with courage. To face life without the crutch of hacks with the hopes of making themselves appear special. As you know in your heart it is honesty that makes a person trustworthy enough to become a friend, and as you know your cheating ways are a stab in the back to everyone who has trusted you on that level. Don't watch your life turn upside down if you're discovered, take the first step to recovery and act now by clicking on the link above to discuss your specific cheating situation anonymously.

All types of cheaters welcome. No insurance is required.


04-05-2010, 03:11 AM
Lol Is this for real? If so I csn give u many people.

04-05-2010, 12:30 PM
Actually this board is called HunterBean SOUP. Think of minestrone soup, a mixture of all sorts of ingredients. Our Soup is a mixture of all sorts of ideas people throw out there (here) to discuss. If they're good then maybe they'll be implemented somewhere. If not, maybe people's comments will help mold them into something usable.

In some cases, they're just ideas to show those who cheat just how far they've gone and that perhaps they'll need counseling just to become normal again. ;)


What's funny about this idea is I picture a line of people in a dark alley ready to enter a facility, the way drug addicts do at methadone clinics. Hopefully it'll make cheaters think about the direction they are making their life head.

If you practice bad behavior long enough you become, well, bad. It's all how the brain naturally works. In this sense maybe counseling isn't a bad idea. But first we need intervention parties. woohoo, party! ;D

Let's start with your list of people Kraze:

04-05-2010, 09:18 PM
Now let me get this straight, if you attend some Cheaters Anonymous meetings, does that mean your a recovering Cheataholic?