View Full Version : MW2 Banned!

11-06-2009, 12:55 AM
I'm proud to announce HackHunters first ever ban...


Join HackHunters in making PC gaming better than ever by Banning Modern Warfare 2

11-11-2009, 08:12 PM
;D This is great!

11-11-2009, 08:39 PM

hey ladyCAZ, so what are people doing at DM regarding MW2, they buying or boycotting?


Check out how laggy this MW2 MP game is... LMAO ;D ;D



11-11-2009, 11:38 PM
I Bought it, I am so bad! ::)

11-12-2009, 03:59 PM
I suspect many did so don't feel bad, cause if you did feel bad you might not show ur face here again! ;D

You can feel good and give us your honest feedback, after all we do have an entire board for MW2. Just don't gloat ;) :o :P

11-12-2009, 07:29 PM
It's kind of split Bean.... some have bought it, but it hasn't been out of the wrapper yet :-[
others bought it and are providing feedback.

Personally I'm not impressed with what I am seeing and hearing about it, >:(

I'm glad we have 2 servers for the real COD4. :-*

11-13-2009, 01:30 AM
sounds like 100% bought it, just some haven't started playing it (or haven't admitted to opening the package).

And I like the one's saying "well I go ahead an play it so i can tell you all about it"... what a sacrifice ;D

I saw a video about the civilian slaughter, I'm posting in the Rant & Rave board regarding it, cause that scene has apparently pissed me off! ;D actually I'm not that pissed, just after reading my post I really sounded pissed... definitely a rant.

cya CAZ and thanks for the feedback.