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  1. Welcome to LIFE, using Common Sense
  2. Pick Pocketers
  3. My future wife and I take on a NYC gang
  4. Don't sell drugs in the metro -0 especially if you're 15
  5. How I fooled a couple of muggers in Italy
  6. Name Calling
  7. 911 rebuttal to all the theories...
  8. What is a loser? (a message to those who cheat)
  9. MW2 killing civilians
  10. Cheaters decide to stop making cheats!
  11. kronophonix question
  12. Wisdom (POLL)
  13. reminded of an old friend: 1st Lt. Jeff Scharver
  14. Changed his mind about hacking...
  15. message sent to take2games and rockstar
  16. wisdom w/ age, don't you just hate when that happens?
  17. What do you guys think (oppinion)
  18. Ever look for a great domain name, only to find...
  19. Ozzy Osbourne hasn't lost his bite.
  20. Hack hunters
  21. Problem with Cheaters... Dirt 3, Sony, etc.
  22. =DEO= HYBR!D raving? me? always!
  23. Dropping the Ball
  24. Moreno-HH-
  25. Megaupload.com got shut down. wowzer.
  26. I don't care!
  27. F*** internet download sites and surveys
  28. My account was hacked today
  29. I'm new and wouldlike to figure out who best to PM with
  30. Comunications
  31. Can you help
  32. What's up with COD releasing so many games?!
  33. An homage to Xfire