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  1. Mondays... thoughts of a 1st grader
  2. Funny Stuff: quotes, vids, etc.:
  3. Top 10 things you do that tell everyone you're a NOOB!
  4. New AimBot
  5. Looks like we're in for a brutal autumn
  6. Hitler - Globally GUID Banned
  7. Today's lesson... the Origin of the AK-47
  8. You will get a laugh out of the cheek of this hacker
  9. Attractive Girls Union Refuses To Talk With Mike Greenman
  10. being quick on your feet...
  11. FAIL
  12. ok, it's not funny, just plain cool to watch...
  13. XFire Adopts the HackHunters Theme
  14. just some random images... enjoy
  15. There's only one thing left to do...
  16. COD World At War RAP
  17. When Cats Attack, omg!
  18. riddles at cheat police
  19. Amazing Technology
  20. Guards! Make sure the Prince doesn't leave this room ... LOL
  21. Terminator meets up with Jesus
  22. BANNED! no, worse than a BAN!
  23. Funny comeback lines
  24. cool sig, post 'em if you find 'em
  25. Don't snipe in the Office!
  26. cool tricks
  27. World-O-Meter, world statistics
  28. Lmao! Paying with......
  29. Ultimate Halloween Costume
  30. dis some heavy rap, viewer discretion advised.
  31. Little Things That Piss Me Off
  32. Pranks
  33. 'Taliban' 'Good afternoon sir...'
  34. Server SUrFing? how about carpet surfing
  35. My wife and I were watching "Who wants...
  36. Miss Universe Pageant winners, sorted by planet. GO US!
  37. jokes and the like
  38. Man Rules... things women should know.
  39. A very very very lucky man
  40. Frick!
  41. Dear Beans...
  42. Life Gaurd needs break
  43. the end
  44. Motivational photos
  45. leet speak
  46. MW3, the most realistic game ever
  47. Halloween pranks
  48. D-V'dar vs Hitlah EPic rap battles
  49. new meaning for Black Hole
  50. Santa = Satan
  51. predict the future...
  52. Jokes about dozer's? [Join in]
  53. Very Funny Stuff
  54. Cute Religious joke
  55. Future game to have awesome weapons...
  56. The Crying PC Gamer
  57. facebook and CIA
  58. more funny news
  59. well known feeling, huh?
  60. Highest level of boredom
  61. D.A.V. Assault vehicle-tell me what you think
  62. Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City
  63. haha, remember this video, 8 years ago
  64. Go ahead, buy that game, no wait, pre-order it, yeah, that's the ticket
  65. Crazy weapons in Fallout 4
  66. People still working the Half Life Garry's Mod (Funny Moments) 2016
  67. 38 year old little boy :D
  68. haha, permanent position for life
  69. was Hitler more like a teenage girl?
  70. Street Fighter: The Later Years
  71. haha have you seen these 'action dolls?'
  72. This GIF had me cracking up...