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About HackHunters

HackHunters is a place where the ordinary gamer can become part of the Anti-Cheat and Anti-Bullying solution by just signing up and thus showing support.

HackHunters was formed by a group of gamers interested in curtailing online cheating and thus bullying behavior by exploring different methods to tackle the problem.

These include:

1) Looking at servers who protect cheaters with the understanding that there are a lot less servers to look at than players.
2) Encourageing servers to be pro-active in the fight, or if they choose to allow cheating, to display a message warning unsuspecting gamers.
3) Other methods include looking at the subtleties of cheating as cheaters have 'gone underground' for the most part in hiding their mischievous behavior.
4) Developing our BlackBox technology.

We help Clan Administrators set up their communities so that they are best protected from cheaters.

On the other side of the coin, HackHunters will be helping good clans become stronger communities, and, encouraging honest players to visit those communities.

We will be encouraging all servers to turn on the KillCam feature as well as allow all gamers to spec other players. It is these 2 aspects that most readily roots out cheaters and those with a bad attitude in the first place.

We will fully support other efforts like PunkBuster, Anti Cheat Inc., The Cheat Police, AON, PBBans, PunksBusted, BustedPunks, RespectedAdmins, AdminRequest, Sigurd and others by helping people learn how to use these services. Part of our mission is to share our ideas with them so that they may become stronger, and, in our brainstorming forum, ideas may be taken freely by any service with only an acknowledgement of their source to help us continue our mission.


The established services that provide Master Ban Lists operate under strict guidelines, as they should, using the technology they have available and are developing. We approach discovering hackers from a different point of view so as to tackle cheating from 'both sides' in what amounts to an axe and anvil approach.

Our goal is to work with game manufacturers, anti-cheat services and service providers to paint an accurate picture of all servers and players who engage in online gaming.

-HackHunters- will be the end of the road for any and all who cheat. If they want to 'game' we only hope they have a copy of PacMan available as a diversion until they realise that their only option is to game clean.

It's as simple as BLACK and WHITE, Don't HACK!

Lest you be a fool, don't even download cheats. Even if you don't use them, they can contain trogans, but that's not the worst part... many AntiCheat Organizations can see artifacts of cheat programs on your computer, even if you've deleted everything, which can lead to banning.
Also, many cheat sites will promise you the world but only present you with your own empty wallet. Be careful who you trust... are you really foolish enough to trust someone who cheats for a living?


Why are we on this quest? There are many reasons, but here are a few:

• Cheaters take advantage of honest people.
• Cheaters don't care about what they do to people.
• Cheaters are self-centered and will do anything to raise their standing.
• Cheaters undermine honest hard working people.
• Cheaters cost the industry (and game price) for everyone including honest people to support their habit, affliction and addiction.
• A Cheaters' attitude is misaligned with civil people as they are willing to take advantage of honest people for their own gains.
• Cheaters cause aggravation to people who simply want to have fun (which would be like walking up to a stranger and harassing them on the street, which is illegal).

• Cheaters think they are technically superior to others that they deserve the extra advantage just because they think they're smart enough to get away with it.
• Cheaters give their country of origin a bad name and promote negative stereo-types.
• Cheaters are ultimately of weak character and need to find the courage to be honest. We will help them become better people if only in a small way.
• People from all over the world have paid the 'admission fee' to play a game, including the online component with the expectation that the playing field is even, reasonable and fair. Cheaters by their very nature are stealing the experience that honest people have paid for. This is robbery at its most basic form, nothing more. We will not tolerate cheats at any level of skill.

Ultimately, those who cheat are cheating themselves out of a better life and cheating society out of a positive role model. HackHunters combines the fun of online video gaming with sound principles of discipline, courage, honesty.


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