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      Welcome to HackHunters 2017:

      2017 looks like it will be an awesome year in gaming, with games like Battlefield 1, Star Citizen, Squad, Halo 6, a new Left4Dead and so many others, it looks to be an impressive immersive virtual world of gaming choices.

      Graphics, story line, characters and cooperative game play have reached new amazing levels of fun.

      NOTE: Returning users will be required to reset password as a security measure by using the password recovery link. Go Gamers!

      BANNED? If you feel you've been banned by mistake, go to HackHuntersACO FaceBook Page and let us know with a 'message'. Message (PM) us your email address along with an additional profile related to video gaming. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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    • wOOdy-HH-

      by Published on 08-29-2013 11:08 AM

      I wanted to share the below article from mp1st.com with all of you, enough time has passed and we have learned more about the types of hacks that are being used and the injection methods being used. Peace, wOOdy-HH-

      Update: Battlefield 3 Global Community Manager Daniel Matros has made a statement on the matter in a recent AMA on Reddit: I have seen [the post] and it has gone around. I have a weird relationship to these hacker posts. I WANT them to gain visibility so we can grow and learn as a community and as a studio. I do also wish they wouldn't.
      by Published on 02-15-2013 11:59 PM

      PC update that aims to improve general performance and stability and solve some reproducible crash issues. The update also includes support for the upcoming Intel "Ivy Bridge" product line and performance improvements on AMD Radeon 7xxx series graphics cards .

      List of issues fixed: Support for Intel
    • Welcome to HackHunters Video Gaming Community and AntiCheat Organization. Besides providing a positive multiplayer community for anyone, we're committed to making the virtual world as good as the real world we wish to live in. We do not tolerate foul language, cheating, or other abusive and bullying behaviors. After all, we're all here to have fun.

      The future of gaming looks really bright, with amazing graphics, cooperative game play, story, characters and settings, it's a virtual explosion of fun and team work. Whether in the trenches of BF1, or flying into space, HackHunters has got your back.

      If you've got the right stuff, join our community. -The HackHunters Team HTML5 Icon
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